The Clinic

The clinic is located downtown on a main artery. The reception welcomes you with coffee, tea, water, Wi-fi, reading and a corner dedicated to a dentistry of the past exhibit, with artifacts dating to 1911. Our treatment rooms have a high-dose of feel-good atmosphere and aroma therapy disguises dentistry odors and relaxes the senses.



The DentalSocolov conception is that the patient is the one in the center of our business, regardless of nationality, race or social class. We treat the patient as a whole and we do not focus only on the oral cavity. We like to be updated on the most modern and efficient materials and technologies worldwide. We try to combat the ‘fear of the dentist’ through a positive team in a colorful and enjoyable environment. Painless treatment is very important to us.


The Team

We are graduates of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, with over 30 years of experience in dentistry. With specializations in the U.S., Germany and the UK, we believe we can provide the highest level in dental treatments. We have a portfolio of over 5,000 patients / year and are among the most requested clinics in Cluj, demonstrating professionalism and confidence gained from our patients. Let’s get to know each other!

Sa ne cunoastem!

foto1Dr. Socolov Mihaela
foto2Dr. Socolov Gelu
foto3Dr. Socolov Rovana
foto4Dr. Dimir Catalin
foto5Asist. Bianca David
foto6Tehn. Adriana Codreanu
foto7As. Andreea Marginean